Moongazy cloth CSP

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Moongazy do a range of absorbencies and sizes and specialise in using gorgeous cottons for the moderates and lighter pads. They also have some beautiful cotton jersey for all absorbencies.

Moderate pads have a shobf, bamboo fleece core and a polar fleece, windpro or sherpra pul (less plastic) backer. 

Heavy pads have a 2x shobf,  bamboo fleece core and are backed with windpro or sherpra pul (less plastic).

Snapped width is the measurements across the snapped part of the pad up to 10" is 2.5 and 11 and 12" are 2.75"

Sherpra pul has Metal snaps and an organic cotton sherpa with a thin layer of polyurethane laminate (to give a water resistant layer) for the backer.