Mini Montii 350ml reusable insulated drinks Bottle

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Mini Montii is the perfect playmate for those little hands that like to pick up and go. He’s got all the coolness of Mr Montii, we’ve just swapped the top for an easy-sip lid  to keep your little ones feeling fresh. Meet mini Montii If your kid’s giving him the runaround, he won’t get hot and bothered. 350ml capacity 24 hours of cooling (at least). Insulated double wall stainless steel – he’s a tough one. Sports lid with pop top. Screw to open. Bright, fun colours in a scratch and dent resistant finish. Easy to keep clean. Montii won’t hang onto flavours. Bottle dimensions: 7cm x 20cm (incl. lid) Gift box dimensions: 7.3cm x 7.3cm x 20.5cm WHILST THE BOTTLE HAS THE CAPABILITY TO KEEP LIQUIDS HOT AS WELL AS COLD WE NEVER RECOMMEND USING THE MINI MONTII TO STORE HOT LIQUIDS DUE TO THE STYLE OF THE LID (WHICH SHOULD NEVER BE USED WITH HOT WATER) AND THE RISK TO CHILDREN OF HOT LIQUID