Scarlet Sparkle csp

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Scarlet Sparkle csp 

These pads are available from 7" light (narrow for teens) up to a 16"heavy shapes vary for the different sizes. (photos show all sizes available!

7"light and regular teen (narrow 2.25sw)

8"regular teen (narrow 2.25sw)

10" regular and heavy (caress and Ruby) 

11" regular and heavy (caress and Ruby) 

12" heavy (curvy) 

14" heavy (curvy) 

16" heavy (caress wide) 

All have an anti-pil fleece backing. Topping is cotton lycra. 

*Returns are not accepted on csp unless their is a fault (all pads are checked by the maker prior to me receiving them, then checked by me before I ship.) 

**please DO NOT open parcels with scissors due to the risk of cutting the fabric,