Violets Laundry Softener 1litre

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vegan certified - concentrated - non-toxic - biodegradable - septic tank safe NATURAL SOFTNESS - GENTLE FRAGRANCE Kind to sensitive skin. We declare all our ingredients for your peace of mind. 100% Natural - hypo allergenic - biodegradable -Not tested on animals - Safe for septic tanks Fabric softener scented with pure essential oils. All Natural ingredients with your choice of our Exclusive Signature Scents to ensure your laundry is fragrant, soft and a pleasure to use. Ideal for baby clothes - no nasty residues to cause skin irritations - Ideal for people with skin allergies, eczema, psoriasis. - Great for delicate fabrics, towels, pure wool and more. Ingredients: Northumberland water - Sodium sesquicarbonate - Citric - Xanthum gum - unique blends of pure essential oils.